What is the minimum age to start competition?
Youth can begin competing at age 8 in “Youth 8 or Y8 events” (ages 8-9), but USFA sanctioned events start with Youth 10 (ages 10-11).
What does it cost to fence?
Club membership: $50/year (includes club t-shirt, member discounts, access to private lessons & club events)
USFA membership: $60/year (required for competition and insurance purposes)
Floor fee, applies to non-members: $15/day (for open fencing)
Classes: $150-275/month
Private lessons: members $45/lesson, non-members* $50/lesson w/Sergei Golubitsky (*by special arrangement)
Camps: members $100/day, non-members $125/day
(All prices subject to change)
Tournaments: registration fees and event fees as set by organizer

Equipment: Expect to spend between $450-$750 or more for mask, lame, jacket, knickers, plastron, chest protector, glove, 2 body cords and 2 weapons. Fencing socks and shoes are also recommended.

Foil mask: $60-250
Foil Lame: $50-150
Jacket: $40-150
Knickers (pants): $35-60
Plastron (underarm protector): $16-100
Chest protector: $35
Glove: $15-45
Body cords: $15-30 each (2 required for competition)
Mask leads: $4-5 each
Electric foil weapons: $50-150 each (2 required for competition)
Shoes: $50-200

How long would it take on average to be ready to compete?
Youth can enter competitions once they understand the rules of competition and have mastered basic skills.
Many youth begin competing within their first year of starting regular classes and private lessons.
How is a typical class structured? What is the difference between the introductory and intermediate classes?
Classes start with warm-up exercises, drills, demonstrations, practice and bouting as appropriate to the class level.
Introductory classes teach basic skills, terminology, rules and principles.
Intermediate classes focus on competitive skills. Prerequisite: mastery of basic fencing skills and understanding of competitive rules & principles.
Advance classes focus on refining and expanding skills and strategy for competitive performance.
Does Mr. Golubitsky work with all students or just high ranking students?
As Head Coach, Sergei determines the structure and content of all instruction given at the club. Sergei works with students of all levels and monitors their progress.
Assistant coaches may conduct introductory classes or assist in intermediate and advanced classes as needed.
Individualized instruction through private lessons are open to students of any level with Sergei.
Is there an additional cost for the coach to go with the student to competitions? If yes, how much for local, regional, and national competitions?
Coaching fee at major competitions varies depending on travel to the event and number of club fencers attending.

In the introduction class is gear rental included in lessons or do I need to invest in gear? If I need to buy, does the club have a store on site and/or provide assistance with sizing for correct fit?
Fencing gear is provided for students in introductory classes. Students who wish to fence in competitions are required to purchase their own equipment.
The club has an armory for equipment repairs, but currently does not sell equipment.
Equipment is best purchased in-person for proper fit. Local retailers include The Fencing Post in Escondido. Additional retailers are usually at major tournaments.
What is a typical class size and coach to student ratio?
Classes are limited to 20 students maximum for introductory classes. Actual class sizes vary.

Is there a space for the parents to watch the lessons?
Yes, the club has a lounge area with a view of the fencing floor.

Can I tour the facility and have my child go through a class and get feedback from the coach if the sport will be a good fit?
Vistors are welcome during regular club hours Monday – Saturday, but are encouraged to make an appointment to speak with Coach Sergei.
Fencing is a contact sport that requires both physical and mental strength and agility. The basis of the sport is derived from combat training. Your child should be receptive to non-lethal combat actions (hit and being hit).