GFC Welcomes Ysa Thibus

GFC is home to four Olympians now! We are proud and happy to welcome Ysa Thibus to train with us here in SoCal!

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Marathon Fleuret Camp 2018

Sergei Golubitsky to organize the Marathon Camp 2018 in Paris, France.

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Welcome Back Olympians!

Rio Olympians Carolin Golubitsky, a three-time Olympian, and Race Imboden,  2016 Olympic Bronze Medalist, return to GFC. They are ready to share their experience with southern California Kids. 

From left to right: Caroline Golubitsky, Sergei Golubitsky, and Race Imboden,
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Aaron Ahn to Fence at Cadet World Championships

Coach Sergei is very pleased to announce that Aaron Ahn has placed 6th in the Cadet Men’s Foil event at the 2014 Junior Olympics in Portland, Washington, qualifying him to fence at the Cadet World Championships taking place April 5-6th, 2014 in Plovdiv, Bulgaria. Aaron has also ended his Cadet Men’s Foil career ranked number 2 in the U.S. Congratulations to Aaron and Coach Sergei! We are all very proud and appreciate the hard work needed to qualify. Now even more training to prepare for the World Championships!

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Why have we been so quiet?

We’ve been very busy – making progress in club development and creating buzz in the fencing community. Here are some highlights of what we have been up to:

Permanent Club Location

We signed a preliminary agreement for our permanent location, after the board unanimously agreed to pursue a 6000-square-feet space in Tustin. The location is conveniently located near major freeways, including FWY 5, 55 & 22. This is a significant step for the club and we can’t wait to start making our own home soon!

Official Camp T-shirts 

With a little luck and a lot of planning, the t-shirts will be available in time for the May 19th camp. So make sure you sign up to the camp to get a T-shirt!

If you’re not going to the camp, you can still purchase a camp t-shirt, so let us know if you want one. You can send your size information via e-mail to

Golubitsky Camp T-shirt

Golubitsky Camp T-shirt Design

Golubitsky Camps

We hope you were able to join one of our one-day camps in the past months. We saw a lot of hard work and enthusiasm in these camps, along with some amazing improvements the fencers achieved in the local tournaments afterwards. Take a peak at our Camp photos here – wish to see you at our next camp on 5/19!

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Training Tip of May – “Routine Routine Routine”

If you really want to do well at competitions, you need to establish
a routine. It doesn’t have to be any significant or sacred ritual, but establishing something that you do for every competition and practice will help to calm your nerves.

On competition day, it’s all about nerves. Controlling your performance anxiety is a big part of doing well in competitions. Anxiety destroys your fencing. Face it, it does. The more anxious you are, the larger and slower your actions will be, the more likely you will freeze up, and the more likely you are going to do poorly. Anxiety also kills your confidence. If you’re second guessing every one of your actions, you’ll almost certainly fail.

You can calm the anxiety by establishing a routine.

It seems cheesy, but you’ll find comfort in the routine itself. That alone can help you relieve some of the anxiety.

You’ll find it extra useful if you can establish a routine that also helps you achieve peak performance. Here are some tips to help you perform double-plus good.

Wake Up Early

On competition days, wake up three hours before you have to compete.

According to Sergei, waking up three hours earlier helps your mind to wake up, and ensures you have adequate time to become hungry, eat food, and digest the food before fencing.

If you begin your fencing warm-up without eating, your body will start to eat into its reserves, and by the time you have to fence you’ll be out of steam.

Drink Water

That may seem like common sense, but drinking water is very important. Studies indicate a massive loss in muscle endurance and power generation with even a little dehydration.

If you wait until you’re thirsty, it’s already too late. So drink water often, even if it’s just little sips.

Bring Food

The competition day can be long, especially if you plan on making it into the finals.

One thing that fencers often overlook is how many calories they’ll burn during the fencing day. It is estimated that for each hour of fencing, a fencer will burn up to 1,000 calories. That’s half of the recommended daily caloric intake for a full-grown adults!

What does that mean for you? It means you need to bring at least a snack to munch on. You may not have the time or stomach to eat a full meal, but chowing down on a granola bar between pools and direct eliminations might be the difference between winning and losing. So eat. Get energy. Win more.

Check Your Equipment

The day before your competition, check your equipment. Make sure you’ve packed everything, and everything you’ve packed is in perfect working condition.

There is  nothing more frustrating than having an equipment that doesn’t work. Nothing can distract you more than having a weapon fail after another. So make sure you check and recheck and pack every piece.

Better yet, make a small checklist and go over it before each competition to make sure you have enough working equipment. Make a pre-competition-night equipment check part of your routine, and you’ll avoid all those concentration-breaking equipment halts.

Following a routine can give you an edge. So make a routine, don that lucky shirt, and win one for Golubitskys.

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No Politics, It’s Just a Camp!

Last one before Summer Nationals: 1-day youth+cadet+junior+senior camp on 19th of May. Sign-up now!

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Sergei inducted into the FIE Hall of Fame

Golubitsky Fencing center

Please join us in congratulating Coach Sergei Golubitsky on being honored in the FIE (International Fencing Federation) Centennial Hall of Fame!

Well deserved for his achievements and his contributions to the fencing world!

Check out the Hall of Fame on FIE100