A Fencing Center Built on Legacy & Passion

Golubitsky Fencing Center (GFC) is an international fencing center based in Orange County, California and inspired by Sergei Golubitsky (FIE Hall of Fame). It was established by a group of passionate fencers in 2012. Many of us have fenced our entire life, or have children who are actively competing in USFA sanctioned fencing tournaments.

We believe fencing as a competitive sport can provide lifelong lessons for young students and develop character, sportsmanship, strategic thinking and analysis, patience and perseverance. Our goal is to provide World-class coaching and training for competitive fencers of all ages.

GFC is honored to announce that Sergei Golubitsky will serve as our head coach. Sergei was recently inducted to the FIE Hall of Fame. He won three straight individual World Championships in Men’s Foil and is considered one of the best foil fencers of the 20th century. He was a coach of the German National Olympics Team, and led the German National Women’s Foil team in 2008 Beijing Olympics. His passion for fencing and his students’ successes have earned him an extremely high reputation in the international fencing community. We look forward to Sergei’s leadership and coaching at the center.